3 Brush Rollover


Any shaped vehicle can be washed. Vehicle remains stationary and the wash gantry with multi programmes washes automatically the whole shape of the vehicle, regardless of shape & size.

Single Brush Unit


Power driven around any shape vehicle. No pulling/pushing and with a controllable brush & spray system, this can be used effectively on any shaped vehicle.

Under Chassis Wash


Will automatically clean any chassis to a MOT inspection standard, safely, effectively, reliably and consistently in under 40 minutes. No operator, no vehicle damage, no H&S issues.

Water Reclaim


Will collect, clean and reuse 100% of wash water collected. Whether a conventional or biological unit this reclaims and reuses a natural resource.

WNV Systems cleaning a full range of vehicles across all types of industry throughout the UK and Europe


WNV are based in Surrey UK our systems include Automatic, safe & effective cleaning of buses, coaches, lorries, vans, artics, tankers, bulk containers, trams, trains, refuse collectors, and be they 3 wheeled, 4, 6, 8 or even tracked vehicles, for private industry, major fleet operators, Ministry of Defence, Emergency Services, Bus Operators and the complete range of Local Authority vehicles, they can all be cleaned. From top washing to promote image etc, to chassis washing for maintenance and MoT inspection, there are no vehicles that cannot be successfully & effectively cleaned, the water recycled and reused.


Specialising in Bus Operators and Local Authorities

Emergency Vehicles












WNV Systems

Sutton Bus Garage,

Bushey Road,


Surrey SM1 1QJ